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Merci de Rien (thanks no prob) is a 3D cute adventure game  on the volcanic island of Noori. The inhabitants of this island, the Noorians, are a pacifistic people worshipping a very old totem: The Orb of the Sun. The Guardian of the Orb, protector of the island, draws his defensive powers from this Orb and guarantee that the island see no intruders. Once a year, at the solstice, the guardian proceed to a big ceremony where he reactivates the Orb for a full year and where he gets the vital force needed to survive until the next solstice comes.

You play Pan, the grandchild of the Guardian, and you'll have to solve the mystery of the Orb's disappearing in order to get the precious totem back on its socle in time for the Ceremony of the Solstice. When the Orb is on the socle at the Place of the Ceremony, it spreads its energy through the island to nourish it and its inhabitants so they don't have to fear about being injured or killed . But once the Orb is gone, it is impossible to proceed to the Ceremony of the Solstice, which is dangerously approaching now. Go, explore, help people and try to put the Orb of the Sun back on its pedestal. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Very better with controller!

Move: Left stick 
Action : A button
Launch : B button
Use : X button

but we love keyboard users too so Keyboard Controls:

Move: Classic WASD (or ZQSD) 
Action : Spacebar
Launch : F
Use : E
_______________________________________________________________________________________ Merci de Rien Team:

We made this game during a school project for the National Videogame and Interactive Medias School in France (ENJMIN) and this is our first-year final project. We were 6 students and a friend who did the musics, and we had 2 month to do this project.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Hugo BOMBAIL | Personal Site
Graphic Design:
Inès HELMER | Ines-Helmer (itchi.o)
Perrine PAU | Pandamnesik (itch.io)
Game Design:
Marine ESPINASSE | Marine-Espinasse (itch.io)
Sound design:
Abdoul-Jabar MAYAKI | Yamakyu (itch.io)
UX design:
Amaury HAULER | Rhadamenthe (itch.io)
Music composition:
Alexandre LIGOURE | Contact by mail

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Special thanks to the friends for the support:
Jean Claisse, Valentin Legeay, Benjamin Darmon, Matthieu Salesse and Jean Moreno.


MerciDeRien_win.zip 165 MB


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Hey les Merci de Rien,

Thanks for nothing, doesn't sound right ? No, it's Thanks for everything, that sounds better, isn't it :D ?

Bref, en français ça donnerait merci pour tout justement, j'ai bien aimé ce côté Dofus et Wakfu que vos jeux avaient ainsi que l'humour décalé. 

Je vous glisse ici le lien vidéo de votre interview et surtout, "mon petit oiseau, s'est bien envolé, à la volette !"

Bref, soyez bouillonnant pour la fin de l'année et décapé vos moteurs car il va falloir cartonné à vos examens !

Courage !

Maxime De Haeck alias Tonton Hafniar

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Had so much fun playing this! There were a few issues here and there with optimization and things get a bit glitchy when multiple NPCs approach the player at the same time, but you nailed everything else. The controls and movement in particular felt really smooth and responsive in a satisfying way and the character designs were great. Really good job and good luck on any future games!

Thanks a lot! That's very nice to see people making videos around our games :3
You did great! Thanks again for the feedbacks! ♥